Women’s Clothing Store, Williamston, MI

Resale of Women’s Clothing

The Golden Dandelion sells both women’s second-hand clothing & accessories. We only sell gently worn items at a fair price from all sizes and styles. Clothing ranges from misses, young miss, to juniors. You can bring in your gently worn items and receive cash (All items may not be purchased). You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to shop The Golden Dandelion because you can simply watch our Facebook and Instagram LIVE SHOWS to see our latest items/trends.

Affordable Sustainable Fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion brands are more expensive but building a conscious wardrobe doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. Shopping second hand is not only incredibly sustainable but can also be very affordable. Buying locally from thrift stores or online re-sale sites means you can still buy the brands you like without supporting their unethical practices.

Every purchase you make at the Golden Dandelion supports ideals, practices, and companies that support a happier planet. By thrifting, you make a vote for sustainability, fair working conditions, good prices, and great style.

What We Do

Our sustainable apparel storefront has a steady supply of name-brand and like-new quality fashion items from women’s clothing to bags, purses, sunglasses, shoes, and jewelry. Also, check out our Facebook and Instagram LIVES to place your order from near or far.

Our Story

We’re a family-run store that is a complete team effort. From a single mother who loved to thrift shop and fashion to adult children who also have an eye for fashion trends but strongly support reusing and recycling retail to help better sustain the planet. 

Women’s Resale Redefined

At the Golden Dandelion, we believe we can be the difference in the world. By recycling and reusing current fashions, you can be proud of creating sustainable lifestyle. At our Women’s Clothing Boutique, you can find like-new designer clothing at drastic discounts on retail prices. All of our clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories are gently loved, and actually like new. We only buy pieces that are in great shape, on-trend, or classic and timeless. 

Let us help you find something perfect! There are loads of fabulous items awaiting your closet at The Golden Dandelion. New items arrive every day thanks to fashionistas like you who sell us their amazing items. 

Communities Served

  • Williamston
  • Okemos
  • East Lansing
  • Fowlerville